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How to find your way in our e-shop?

On the main page of our e-shop, you will find a bar with an overview of the categories of goods offered. Just choose a specific category and then select the goods you are looking for from the menu.
If you are looking for a specific product that you have already selected in advance, just enter the name of the product or its code in the search engine, which you will find in the header of our website.
In the header menu on the main page of our e-shop, you will find useful information, such as business conditions, contact us section and more.
In the header of our website, a shopping cart is displayed, which includes the selected goods, shows you the current price of the selected goods and through it you can order the selected goods.
You can also register on our website by filling out the registration form. Registration will make it easier for you to fill out an order and purchase goods. Registration is not mandatory.

How to order goods?

After clicking on a specific product, you will see detailed information about the selected product. You will also find the price with and without VAT, availability of goods, warranty period and other important information.
Below the text with information about the goods you will find the "Add to cart" button. After clicking on the cart, you will see all the goods that you have added to the cart and its total price.
If you wish to continue with the order, continue to the next page, where you select the method of payment and the method of transport by which we will deliver the goods to you.
In the next step, fill in your contact details, name, address and contact e-mail address so that we know where to deliver the goods to you and how to contact you. If you have registered on our e-shop, your contact details will be pre-filled here.
On the last page you see a recapitulation of the order, you can check all the data you entered and if you find an error somewhere, you can correct the data.
After sending the order, we will immediately send you an e-mail in which we will confirm the order and then you just have to wait until we deliver the goods you have chosen (you will find details in Terms and Conditions section).

What are the payment methods and delivery methods?

When ordering goods, we will state the price with all fees and shipping costs. In order not to have to go through the EET process, we have been using a valid change in the law since March 1, 2018, which, in addition to payments to the account, also exempted payments through payment gateways from the EET obligation. We use GoPay. It is possible to view / try the goods by prior telephone agreement regarding our time in the Showroom (stone shop) at Lipenská 943, Prague 4 Hrnčíře. The establishment works only as a showroom - if you would like to purchase the goods, you must place an order and pay to our account, e.g. by card electronically (can be done via our computer).

Can I cancel an order?

You can freely change or cancel the order at any time before the binding sending of the order. If you have already sent the order and received a confirmation e-mail from the seller, the order can be changed or canceled only after agreement with the seller. In this case, contact the seller by phone or e-mail. You can find all our contacts on our website in the Contacts section.

What if I don't take over the goods?

If you do not take over the goods sent to you on the basis of a binding order according to the selected method of delivery of goods, you are obliged to pay the costs of any replacement delivery of goods.

How can I contact you with a question?

Before the order and during the order, we are here for you and you can contact us by phone or e-mail. You can find our e-mail and telephone number on our website in the Contacts section.

Where can I find more detailed information?

All information concerning the operation of our e-shop can be found in the Terms and conditions section.
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