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    Přepnutí na českou verzi (aktuálnější) na některých mobilních prohlížečích: vlaječka zcela dole na stránce.

    More actual is czech version, sorry. 

    In short: immunity, ergonomics ... or how to survive with a computer;) To save you time, to measure your compatibility with GoodLifeMethods, you can first jump to the end of this page, where there is content.

    The price of the book is voluntary as part of leaving the monetary system (Marina Jacobi YouTube channel or my workshop Create your reality). The symbolic price of CZK 1 is retained to go through the eshop system and generate a PDF / EPUB file. After reading, evaluate for yourself how the book has improved your immunity / quality of life;) Account number for subsequent contribution: 2800302508/2010.

    Welcome to GoodLifeMethods and its core method Sweatman ! ;) When I recovered from chronically low immunity and fatigue syndrome, I continued to use this and other methods. They are universal, but in my case they are mainly focused on compensating for my long "stays" at the computer. But it never occurred to me that I should let my tweaks into the world beyond my family and a few friends. I felt that there was a milion methods available on the internet that were no more than a few clicks away.

    But then the Covid pandemic hit the globe. I saw the immediate beginning of a schism in society. It has been divided into those who place their hope in scientific / medical progress (let's call it Darwinists / determinists). Furthermore, to those who began to look primarily for spiritual solutions (let's call them spiritualists) and to those who are somewhere between, or oscillate between these or other poles.

    The realization struck me that I couldn't keep these easy-to-use methods, which had so profoundly changed my reality, to myself. Not only nowadays, everyone needs to tune their immunity, all the mentioned groups will probably agree on that. For the record, I add that I do not provide medical advice, I only share methods that boosted my immunity. Application is the responsibility of each of you.

    So I started planning the script, preparing the studio for filming. But then I stopped. I knew this was not the way to go. There is no time for that. It must be text. I made a few things a priority: get the text to people as fast as possible, make it SHORTER and AFFORDABLE (which would not be completely true due to the costs in the case of a "member's access video platform").

    I started to compress the text for information..and again..and again. So now if you want to use key methods, you can start applying them without viewing linked videos, studies, and other mentioned resources after about an hour of reading. I chose the basic text format because I wanted to be able to rewrite it to paper in the theoretical absence of functional printers in the future. And the possible later singing of the Sweatman method to offsprings near the campfires for passing on to future generations, if something goes wrong with computers in addition to printers;) Yeah, I really think that the Sweatman method, which I sometimes use several times a week, is so important for humanity :)

    The next stage was to think about how to get these methods to the widest possible range of people. And here I got stuck for a moment. There are parts that relate to how I see life: as a seemingly separate experience of the grand creator's sandbox, in which there is a principle of free will. Everything working in the mantinels of the current manifested creation and its laws (based on the Flower of Life, the basic formula), which are more or less valid for a given "school class". Thus, for the given level of vibration frequency of the mind-body-soul complex, the terminology of The Law of One.

    I have found that I cannot avoid including some of these views in the text. Due to my lucid dreams and astral travel, fragments of memories of previous lives, remembrance of the planning process before the birth, etc., it is impossible for me to see reality differently. This approach involves a consensus that some people may be discouraged by these themes, despite the fact that most methods are pragmatic and applicable to the majority of the population.

    In the text I list specific people and teachers who have had / have a positive influence on me during this life, in some cases I refer to their methods. At the same time, I throw in my other "fields of activity" in the text.

    I don't have a sophisticated email retrieval system at the moment. Let's make it simple: by purchasing you confirm that you can receive emails about the portal (GoodLifeMethods updates, updates, etc.), no more often than twice a month. You can always unsubscribe at with the topic "unsubscribe from".

    All future versions are free for those who have purchased any version of the text. I haven't figured out how to distribute the updates effectively yet (maybe someone will advise me), so for now it works like this: when you receive an email about news within, it may contain a notification of a new version of GoodLifeMethods. If you are interested in the updated text, write me.

    There are topics I want to include in future releases: energy self-healing with intent, hydration, "space weather" and solar flash, 2 minutes of daily back exercises that keep my body running while working with the computer, communicating and working with your incarnation guide, etc.

    You will receive the text in Czech and English. As you probably already realised, english is not my primary language ;)

    The following section will be launched in the future: if, after reading and applying, you find that some methods are beneficial for your life, please kindly write a few sentences to my e-mail for use online as a "endorsement". Ideally, send me your name and link to your website / profession, I would like to attach it to the summary.

    The text will forever remain in version 0.9 and with each new version it will only approach version 1 indefinitely, because perhaps only the grand designer of the current creation has a clue about the complete optimal functioning ;)

    As for the price, there are, of course, potential applicants, who find the price steep for a text. So simply throw the question to yourself: how would you express in money the probability that these methods may increase your immunity radically and that you will have, for example, 40% more energy "for life" available to you every day? This is an estimate of my case, for you the starting and ending points may of course be different. We probably agree that anything consistently to the plus side would be nice;)

    I used to have quite a point of dealing with the fact that some of these methods were mentaly accepted by some friends and members of the family more and some less. At the same time, in some cases, they suffered from problems that would probably at least be reduced by using these methods. It wasn't until later that I discovered that this was another of my "homework" assignments for this incarnation. So after finding out how to help myself in certain areas, i should discover how to help others help themseves without causing them to skip levels in this "computer game of life";). Especially because I'm also a "mere" player who still has his own unprocessed topics and who only slowly remembers that we are all co-creators and "programmers" of that "game" at the same time.

    In my case, this means staying only in the "giving offer" mode. At the same time, however, when applying the methods, to recommend the accuracy and completeness of the implementation. In this case, I train the "Serve to Others" (Law of One terminology) path, which emphasizes the preservation of the free will of others. As a director / cameraman / producer (who, on the contrary, projects his will into the actions of others) I sometimes have a bit of a problem with it in a broader sense ;)
    This brings me back to the question of price, I intentionally use it as a kind of "buffer of will / intention / compatibility".

    However, if, for example, you live in a low-income country where the price is too high and you still feel that you would like to know the information in the text, write to me and we will come up with a affordable price for you. I will use this variant, for example, for my Nepalese friends and colleagues there, who are part of the supply chain of some products for

    The principle is to choose methods that you do not know or have not used before. And if, after reading, you decide that sweating in bed and other methods listed are not for you, you could apply for a refund within 30 days. My karma would not be happy if I sold you something that would not be beneficial for you and would only lie on your "virtual bookshelf" :) In that case, I will ask you for my feedback for a short info, why you are asking for a refund, but it is not mandatory.

    If someone wants to explore below mentioned topics or other things in more detail, it is possible to discuss them via Signal Messenger video chat (so we can talk relatively more openly), the price is 1000 CZK / first hour, each additional hour of consultation is 300 CZK (may change in the future). Resp. rather expect "talk" than professional discussion: I only share things that have helped me significantly and radically in my life, nothing more, nothing less. I like the bilateral dialogue and therefore I also listen, so I like to be also "enlightened" by the beneficial experiences of the other party (but the above price list remains valid anyway;) ). At the same time, I continue with what I am already doing: that is, I listen to the problems or, conversely, revelations of other people who are interested in it, and sometimes we move each other further with the emerging synchronicities. So I do not divide it into boxes of teacher (coach) / student. We are helping each other to undergo this "awakening" process, that is happening to more and more people around the globe. I also act as a "signpost", so I direct you to books / lectures that I think could be beneficial for your actual life topic.

    After purchasing, wait until you receive a confirmation email that your payment has been processed. You will then receive an email with a link to the text. It is in PDF and EPUB format. You can view the PDF on Windows / MacOS, for example, by dragging the file into most contemporary web browsers or via Adobe Reader. EPUB is primarily intended for book readers, phones and tablets, but it can be read, for example, in Calibre application on Windows / MacOS / Linux. On Android, you can use, for example, Moon Reader to read EPUB. If you are unsure about how to view the PDF or EPUB anyway, contact me.

    The e-book you purchased is marked with the data of a specific customer within DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you still get to the text by different means and the methods will work for you, I kindly ask you to make an purchase of the GoodLifeMethods from this eshop. In this case you have thanx from me, our mutual karma and my family :)

    And finally let's have a little test;)

    Do you notice itching or even immediate irritation when reading the following keywords, which are a summary of the content? In that case, for a serious reason of potential spoiling of your present day, be sure not to buy this ;) Or read only topics close to you.

    I will not forget that day
    Nepal and the birth of Sweatman
    Computer control
    Sitting / standing / lying by the computer
    Video and audio playback speed up

    Sweatman (home "sauna without sauna")
    Electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation (WIFI, etc.)
    Darkness at sleep
    Sound healing
    Lucid dreams
    Vitamins / minerals
    Jala neti nose rinsing
    Exercise and dance
    Earthing / grounding
    Vastu Shastra
    Working with sexual energy
    Forest bathing
    Raw, blender
    Resources for further self-study
    Final blablabla;)

    So, friends, I wish you a pleasant sweating! ;) 

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