Way to Buddha Boy

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    Štěpán Kotouč is a documentary filmmaker from the Czech Republic and during 2011 he traveled to Nepal twice to participate as a cinematographer in the filming of a documentary about Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Dharma Shanga / "Buddha Boy"). Ram was a young man at the time who meditated in the jungle of Bara for six years without water or food (bretharian). 

    Finally, Štěpán lived in Nepal for half a year. He lived in the families of movie director Uman (https://www.facebook.com/uwaiba) and photographer Panit (https://www.facebook.com/panit.maharjan.3), who participated in the documentary as a production managers. In this travelogue, he describes his experiences from point of view as inhabitant of the "western" country. E.g. with the life in the jungle and the impressions of meeting Dharma Shanga and the people around him. 

    From the book, you will also learn about the culture and traditions of Nepal: transport, weather, food, speech and customs of the people there. The book is therefore also a source of information for those who are interested in or preparing for travel to Nepal. 

    After the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015 (9,000 dead), Štěpán organized a charity collection in the Czech Republic, which raised around $1900. In addition to contributions to several members of the film crew, this amount helped with the construction of a new house instead of demolished one by an earthquake to the family of his friend Panit. 

    You will receive a link to a ZIP file. 

    The file contains the following versions: 
    Czech: PDF, EPUB 
    English: PDF, EPUB 
    Russian: PDF (may not always be formatted correctly) 

    After purchasing, wait until you receive an email confirmation that your payment has been processed. You will then receive an email with a link to the text (in case of card payment it should be matter of minutes). It is in PDF and EPUB format.  
    View the PDF on Windows / MacOS, for example, by dragging the file into most contemporary web browsers or via Adobe Reader.  
    EPUB is primarily intended for book readers, phones and tablets, but it can also be read in Calibre on Windows / MacOS / Linux.  
    On Android, you can use, for example, Moon Reader to read EPUB.  

    The ebook you purchase is marked with the data of a specific customer within DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you still get to the ebook differently, please pay retrospectively, for example, through paypal at stepankotouc@gmail.com (or make a purchase of the ebook on the eshop). In that case, thank you :) 

    Production costs (2011 prices): 
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    Layout 6000 CZK = 24000 NRS = $320 
    mobile/ipad/kindle versions 1500 CZK = 6000 NRS = $80 
    5x demo print 2500 CZK = 11000 NRS = $147 
    total 18000 CZK = 72000 NRS = $960  


    Way to Buddha Boy Way to Buddha Boy
    Way to Buddha Boy Way to Buddha Boy
    Way to Buddha Boy Way to Buddha Boy
    Way to Buddha Boy Way to Buddha Boy
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