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Hi ! We are Štěpán and Arisha. Our vortexes become intertwined in Goa, India, and the location itself probably foreshadowed that "sacral geometry" would jump out of every twist of reality in our life together.

At that time, we set out on a rented old-skool scooter on the first joint expedition in Goa we set out to the border with the state of Maharashtra. The destination was the jungle-eaten Yashwantag Fortress. Excited, we then peeled off the leaves and found carved representations of patterns that are the basic "Lego" building blocks of our present universe.

A few years later, we materialized the sacred patterns and themes in our lives in the form of the Gondarika shop: many of our products on offer are from Asia (Nepal, China, India). In those countries sacral geometry still persists in culture and fashion.

Here you can have a look at the presentation of our store (3 min) as part of the psytrance celebration with our friends from community project Vila Flora.


Arisha make mandalas that have sacral geometry as their structural basis. In addition to selling finished mandalas, Arisha teaches in workshops how to create their own mandalas: they then become the decoration of dwellings or are bought as original gifts. Arisha also organizes felting workshops.

Štěpán's primary profession is creator of promo videos for companies, video journalist and a photographer. After filming a documentary about Ram Bahadur Bomjon (the travelogue "Way to the Little Buddha" is available as a book or e-book in CZ / EN / RU), he lived for half a year in the families of his local colleagues / friends movie director Uman Waiba and photographer Panit Maharjan. He had the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants of the village of Bungamati near Kathmandu, which has a long tradition in carving sacred statues (Buddhas, Tara, etc.). Štěpán was completely boiled over how a log of wood, on which the carver's neighbor sits before the actual production, slowly became a beautiful statue of Buddha. And how difficult it is not to cut aside, because then you can sometimes throw away several days of work. So he brought the first batch of statuettes and Om characters from the local carver.

Documentary video (3 min) about the process of creation of statues sold in our e-shop.


So that's something about us. We will be happy to welcome you in our shop with tea. You don't have to hurry with us - you can rummage through your shop at your own pace and try things behind a screen with a mirror.

We have clothes for all ages. For small, large, wide, narrow ;)

If you feel like it, you can sometimes work out with us or our friends in the garden or in the house (chi-kung etc.).

And it doesn't matter at all if you don't choose anything in the end - our mini-son Matěj will probably be excited to see a new aunt / uncle anyway ;)

If you have a children, be sure to bring them as well ... they may be in the Showroom with you or they will be guarded by one of us (by prior arrangement). And they can get acquainted with our offspring and his toys ;). Or they could go to the garden together under supervision of one of us.

Arisha will help you with your choice in your free time, so she is not a "cooperating person" / employee by law.


It is therefore possible to view / test the goods by prior arrangement (the procedure described in the Contacts) in our Showroom at Lipenská 943, Prague 4 Hrnčíře. The establishment only works as a showroom - if you would like to purchase the goods, you must place their order and pay to our account electronically for now (can be done via our computer). Sorry! ;)

If the clothes do not fit you, they can be returned within 14 days, details in the Terms and Conditions.

We are just starting, so the goods will be added gradually in the e-shop.

Štěpán is a student of Julius Pataky (Patakyovi.cz) and after a certainly demanding selection of the most elegant pieces of clothing and accessories for you, you can treat yourself to a reflex massage. Everyone who buys for more than CZK 2,000 has the opportunity to get a 20-minute reflexology foot massage for free (valid until further notice) ;)

We look forward to you ! ;)



Due to the pandemic, some of our suppliers are stuck, especially from Nepal. So we were faced with the decision whether to launch the e-shop for the time being in a small form (with an incomplete planned assortment) or sometime in the better future :) We chose the first option, so products will be added gradually as we get to fill the catalog and our suppliers get functional again.

We use FFP2 class respirators for personal interaction. We disinfect the premises. We also require respirators / drapes for visitors. The accessibility of the Showroom / availability of reflex massages is governed by the currently valid regulations regarding Covid in Czech Republic.

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